Saturday, July 14, 2012

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

What to think?

Nepali people are in great confusion nowadays.There is no way except to choose one political parties but there are no  parties which have clear vision about their people.Most of the leaders  in our country are above the law.They can define law as their wish and save whom they want..Those people who are far from the powerful leaders in relation are unable to get right when they are in trouble . 


नेपालमा  आउन लागेको एक तिहाई बजेट तपाई लाई कस्तो लागो


It is raining nowadays.Farmers are late this year to start  the work in field becauseof the draut.
Today is also raining from the early morning.
see what  ............

this is what?


How many heros are in there in this world?
      hero is the person who has extra power then others.he can win the world or by any means heros are always remain in audiences soul.

Dr Baburam Bhattrai is one of the great hero for nepal.he is controling  neary 3 coros people